Occupational Therapy and Older People

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Thus, more scientific research was needed to establish the real benefits of using aromatherapy in this population.

How occupational therapists help older people live independently

Therefore, interventions for the sleep routine were not found in this review. Due to the repercussions of sleep disorders on the life of the elderly person, as well as his families, there was a need for new studies investigating the possibilities of non-drug treatment for the target population of this research.

Current scientific evidence has shown that technologies can substantially improve spatial guidance and also preserve the autonomy and safety of older adults with AD during their mobility, as well as contribute to less concern and stress of caregivers. Regarding the motor skills, repetitive training and the educational program for the wake of motor alterations seemed to contribute to motor learning, cognitive decline or fall prevention.

Nonetheless, emotional regulation interventions except the multidimensional technique were cautiously recommended for the failures that occurred in the conduction of these studies. Therefore, studies of greater scientific evidence and verification of the effect of these techniques in the post-intervention were recommended, since they greatly favored the consolidation of occupational therapy specific knowledge, contributing to the dissemination of this field of action, and also to the elaboration of oriented public policies for active aging.

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Occupational therapy

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USC Chan Division of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy

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International Journal of Psychiatry in Medicine, Charleston, v. Preclinical Alzheimer disease and risk of falls. YI, J. Gerontology, Oklahoma, v. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License. Services on Demand Journal. Method: A systematic review was conducted, in a year period , in English, Portuguese, and Spanish. Results: No national study was found. Conclusion: The publications are related to the intervention practices for the improvement of the older people functional capacity and emotional regulation.

Discover the benefits of occupational therapy

Baglio et al. Randomized clinical trial with cross-over. Participants: 70 older adults, 44 of them with AD. Intervention group: lavender.

Occupational Therapy - Older People Services

Control Group: sunflower oil. Frequency: three weeks. Intervention group: Inhalation of lavender. Group control: Inhalation of sunflower. Low sampling. The treatment was not done blindly.

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There was the influence of other factors medication, caring relationship of the older adult. Randomized clinical trial. Participants: 24 older adults.

Occupational Therapist Home Visit - Fall Prevention

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Occupational therapy practitioners address all aspects of aging, from wellness strategies to treatment. With a focus on function, occupational therapy practitioners help keep older adults independent and safe, reducing health care costs associated with hospitalization and institutional care. Both must pass an initial certification exam.