John McCain (Overcoming Adversity)

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But even after his illness was diagnosed last July, Sen. McCain continued to uphold American values and speak out against injustice. During his life, Sen. McCain was no stranger to adversity. He survived more than five years in captivity as a prisoner of war in Vietnam after his plane was shot down. After miraculously surviving the brutal conditions of captivity, he went on to regain his naval flight status, and then to serve more than thirty years in the Senate.

The remarkable life and times of Senator John McCain

McCain ultimately ran as the Republican nominee in the presidential election. In an impassioned New York Times op-ed , McCain advocated to keep morality as a central tenet of American foreign policy. Those rights are common to all people: nations, cultures, and religions cannot choose to simply opt out of them. They will deprive the world of the full array of American political and moral leadership when it has never been more needed. McCain has shown his dedication to fighting adversity around the world.

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Now, we all stand behind him as he fights this personal battle with cancer. In July , McCain made a game-changing decision on the Senate floor. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office released a report estimating that the plan would have left 16 million Americans uninsured in the next 10 years. Despite his health, McCain made his original triumphant return to the Senate just days before voting down the health care bill.

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While President Trump failed to explicitly condemn the white supremacists who led violent riots in Charlottesville last August, Senator McCain spoke out on social media. McCain gave a speech urging the country to maintain its role as a global leader.

It should do so now. Welcome back! Sign in to start taking action. Sign up Sign in with Facebook or. Rerequest with Facebook. Is McCain to blame? Is Sarah Palin to blame? Who mishandled whom? At that time, McCain still enjoyed the luxury of planning for the general election while Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were busy slugging it out. Not just worse — historically so. No Republican since the members of Congress who ran in the Watergate midterm elections of has faced as many obstacles as John McCain does now.

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Among them:. Bush had in a recent Gallup poll. Inside the campaign, McCain has displayed his well-known stoicism, mixed with a dose of black humor, in the face of each new obstacle. Among his staff, it has become something of a mantra to say that whatever has to be done, no matter what it is, will have to be done the hard way. In most elections, one campaign has some kind of advantage over the other — maybe they get a ten-minute or a half-hour head start — but both sides have to climb the same face of the mountain.

The message Team McCain took from the numbers was that McCain had overcome the challenges that could have sunk his campaign in the previous months. And then came the financial meltdown. The McCain campaign had one more obstacle to surmount. People have been worried about the economy for quite a while, and many of them blame George W. Their new anxiety in the crisis showed up in even lower job-approval ratings for the president, and the Bush Burden — which McCain thought he had escaped in September — returned with a vengeance.

In , as McCain laid the groundwork for his present campaign, it appeared his biggest problem — and also the best opportunity to differentiate himself from Bush — was the war in Iraq. At the beginning of the year, it stood at 43 percent in Gallup. A few months later, it was 31 percent, with a disapproval rating of 65 percent. And with each tick downward, McCain had more work to do. When George H. McCain never expected to be running to succeed a popular president, but he was surprised to see Bush fall into the 20s and stay there. It was at that point — with Bush down, pressure to withdraw from Iraq increasing, and Republicans wobbling — that McCain defied the president and made the bet that won him the Republican nomination.

Advocating the surge helped McCain establish a measure of independence from Bush. But in , McCain squandered much of the progress he had made. He had been hurt among the Republican base by his stand alongside Bush on immigration, and his campaign virtually imploded when he discovered that its spending far exceeded its fundraising.

John McCain’s Speech to the N.A.A.C.P.

McCain very nearly dropped out of the race. But more important, in retrospect, the crisis left him struggling to stay alive at a time when he should have been reinforcing that image of himself as independent of Bush. We literally were campaigning one day to pay expenses for the next day. By January , Bush was still in the low 30s, with disapproval in the mids. It was the same on Super Tuesday. By October, as the campaign reached its final stages, Bush had sunk to 25, with a 70 percent disapproval rating.

What to do? McCain received a lot of advice to distance himself from Bush.

John McCain (Overcoming Adversity) - AbeBooks - Richard Kozar:

But he needed the votes of that 25 percent of the electorate that still approved of the president. And with Republican voters putting national security high on their list of concerns, was McCain supposed to throw over the man whose administration had kept the United States free from a major terrorist attack in the seven years after September 11? Bush had made some serious mistakes, but there was real danger in appearing to run away from him. In the various crises his campaign has endured, McCain has stayed remarkably steady when some others were ready to give up.

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It was advice to maintain equilibrium, not to get too up about good news or too down about bad news. We were going to the farthest reaches of northwest Iowa, near the Minnesota border. McCain was staying in a Holiday Inn Express in the middle of nowhere — when you walked out the door, the smell of fertilizer got your attention pretty quickly — and he was traveling around in a minivan because his bus had broken down.

He spent his days talking to small groups — sometimes really small groups — in diners and pizza joints. He was 71 years old at the time, wealthy, with a safe and senior spot in the Senate and a career that few, if any, public servants could match.

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On top of that, his campaign had blown up in an explosion of mismanagement and bad feelings that had many political insiders and journalists writing its obituary. And yet there he was, plugging away, every day, animated by something that is unique to his character. This is a man who has dodged death — real death, not political death — many times. It was one of the worst disasters in Navy history, killing men.