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Jack is an Android toolchain that compiled Java source into Android dex bytecode. Android 8.

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Jack has its own. The Jill tool translates the existing. The first time Jack is used, it launches a local Jack compilation server on your computer. This server:. The Jack server shuts itself down after an idle time without any compilation. It uses two TCP ports on the localhost interface and isn't available externally. All parameters number of parallel compilations, timeout, ports number, etc.

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Otherwise, you can find the log by running jack-admin server-log. In case of reproducible Jack failures, you can get a more detailed log by setting the following variable:. Use standard makefile commands to compile the tree or your project and attach standard output and error.

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To remove detailed build logs, run:. Jack supports Java programming language 1. When generating a Jack library file, the.

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When compiling, Jack reuses the pre-dex from each library. All libraries are pre-dexed. Jack doesn't reuse the library pre-dex if shrinking, obfuscation, or repackaging is used in the compilation.

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Incremental compilation means that only the components touched since the last compilation and their dependencies are recompiled. Incremental compilation can be significantly faster than a full compilation when changes are limited to a set of components. Incremental compilation is disabled by default and is automatically deactivated when shrinking, obfuscation, repackaging or multi-dex legacy is enabled. To enable incremental builds, add the following line to the Android.

Jack uses jarjar configuration files to do repackaging. While Jack is compatible with "rule" rule types, it is not compatible with "zap" or "keep" rule types. Jack offers native and legacy multidex support. Because dex files are limited to 65K methods, apps with over 65K methods must be split into multiple dex files.

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