India and the Quest for One World: The Peacemakers

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Q: Do you think foreign policy expertise lacks in political class in India, except of course barring a few? Manu Bhagavan: I think India has for quite a long time been focused inward, on local concerns and regional issues. Its engagement with the world has been changing dramatically over the last several years. While I think we have many outstanding people in the foreign service, as you rightly suggest, we are yet to realise that the domestic cannot be separated from the international.

The Peacemakers: India and the Quest for One World

Manu Bhagavan: She was central. She helped champion the cause from through her brother's death and beyond. When he gave in to despair in , she continued to carry the torch. It is little remembered today, but she was beloved the world over, considered one of the world's most beautiful and intelligent women. Her ability to charm and bring people together was manifested most clearly in her election as the first woman President of the UN General Assembly, which she won on secret ballot in the middle of the Cold War with support from the United States, the Commonwealth, and the Soviet delegations.

Q: Your book makes a smooth read about a subject which usually needs a lot of understanding, with your knowledge, what would be your suggestions to make education on such subjects simpler?

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Manu Bhagavan: Thank you. I'm glad you found the book easy to read. I think the burden is on educators, writers, and intellectuals. With every sentence I wrote in this book, I asked myself if an interested, general reader would understand what I was talking about, and, if not, then I had to explain it better.

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Of course, I was helped by the fact that the story I had to tell here was an exciting one. I think the key is to be passionate about the subject. If we who tell the story have fire in our belly, if our eyes light up when we talk about our work, if we speak with conviction, then this will come across in our writing as well. I have tried to do that here, though how successful I have been must ultimately be judged by the readers.

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Manu Bhagavan: I think India is poised to play a central role in the world. But it is yet to define for itself what kind of role it wants to play, and what kind of world it wants. I think there is little doubt that India will be one of the top economies in the world, and that it will be militarily powerful compared to most.

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Buy Hardcover. Buy Softcover. FAQ Policy. About this book India and the Quest for One World revolutionizes the history of human rights, with dramatic impact on some of the most contentious debates of our time, by capturing the exceptional efforts of Mahatma Gandhi and the Nehrus to counter the divisions of the Cold War with an uplifting new vision of justice built on the principle of "unity in diversity. Show all. The Mongol Empire.

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