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Researching the Detective's Assistant with Kate Hannigan

With huge, nation-changing events simmering in the background, Nell uses skills new and old to uncover truths about her past and solve mysteries in the present. Based on the extraordinary true story of Kate Warne, this fast-paced adventure recounts feats of daring and danger Complete Starter Grade 5 Library.

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Kitty who now goes by Kate is not happy to see Cornie, whom she rechristens Nell, because she reminds the aunt strongly of Nell's father, who was responsible for the death of his brother, her husband. Since Kate can't find any organization who will take Nell, she lets her move in to her room in a boarding house. Nell manages to keep the landlady happy by helping out with shopping and other chores.

She also manages to get sucked in to many of Kate's cases, where she makes herself invaluable, playing with the children of people Kate needs to interview, and keeping her eyes and ears open for information. The two manage to break several cases, and get to travel to Philadelphia and other cities, much to Nell's delight.

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They meet the rich and famous, including a young presidential candidate named Abraham Lincoln. Nell continues to correspond with her friend, Jemma, whose family had to leave quickly for Canada. They were free African Americans, but ran the risk of being shipped to the south. Jemma's father is still in the States, and when Nell hunts him down, she learns some secrets about her own family that make Kate feel a little more warmly towards her. While Nell starts the book as a rough and tumble, rather unlikeable character, we quickly see that she has had to raise herself, and her built-in survival defenses serve her well while Kate is trying to find somewhere else to put her.

Kate also thaws a bit, and both evidence the difficulties that women must have had at the time when left to care for themselves, which was not an easy task. I also love writing for this age because it takes me right back to my own younger self. Q: Same for me! She had amazing hair! So what do you hope readers will take away from this story?

Reading into History: Interview with The Detective’s Assistant Author Kate Hannigan

A: I hope readers will realize that women were great contributors to American history, but often their stories were dismissed or forgotten. Thanks so much for visiting with us today, Kate. Check out more at katesbooks. Michele Weber Hurwitz was a big Encyclopedia Brown fan as a kid. Visit her at micheleweberhurwitz. Thank you, Jessica and Rosi! What I was trying to do in writing this story was make it exciting and a little exhilarating. I hope you enjoy it!

Love this interview! And I absolutely cannot wait to get my eyes on this book. I do love historical fiction and this one sounds terrific. Thanks so much for telling me about it. The interview was wonderful.

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