Life, the Universe and Everything

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To their surprise, they find that the people seem to lack any desire to continue the war, and are directed to the robot and spaceship facilities in orbit about the planet. With Zaphod and Marvin's help, the group is able to infiltrate the facilities and discover that the true force behind the war has been the supercomputer Hactar due to the obvious flaw in the idea that the people of Krikkit are simultaneously smart enough to develop their Ultimate Weapon - a bomb that could destroy every star in the universe- while also being stupid enough not to realise that this weapon would destroy them too.

Previously built to serve a war-faring species, he was tasked to build a supernova-bomb that would link the cores of every sun in the Universe together at the press of a button and cause the end of the Universe.

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Hactar purposely created a dud version of the weapon instead, causing his creators to pulverise him into dust, which thus became the dust cloud around Krikkit, still able to function but at a much weaker level. Trillian and Arthur speak to Hactar in a virtual space that he creates for them to explain himself.

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Hactar reveals that he spent aeons creating the spaceship that crashed on Krikkit to inspire their xenophobia and incite them to go to war, also influencing their thoughts. However, when the Slo-Time envelope was activated, his control over the population waned.

As he struggles to remain functional, Hactar apologises to Trillian and Arthur for his actions before they leave for their ship.

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  7. With the war over, the group collects the core of the Heart of Gold and the Ashes, the only two components of the Wikkit Gate not destroyed by the robots, and returns Zaphod and Marvin to the Heart of Gold. Returning only moments after the robots' attack at the Lord's Cricket Grounds, Arthur attempts to return the Ashes but is suddenly inspired to bowl one shot at a wicket that is being defended using a cricket ball in his bag.

    However, in mid-throw, Arthur suddenly realises that the ball he had was created and placed in his bag by Hactar and is actually the working version of the cosmic-supernova-bomb and that the defender of the wicket is one of the Krikkit robots, ready to detonate the bomb once thrown, all this causing him to trip, miss the ground, and allow him to fly.

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    8. Arthur is able to throw the ball aside and disable the robot in mid-throw. In the epilogue, the characters are taking Arthur to a 'quiet and idyllic planet' when they come across a half-mad journalist.

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      He tells them that he was at a court case and a witness there was given too much of a truth drug and started to tell all truth, which was driving everybody present mad. They go to the courtroom in the hope of learning the question of Life, the Universe and Everything from him. They discover he is finished and he has forgotten it all. He then attempts to tell Arthur where God 's last message to his creation is, though he dies seemingly before Arthur is able to memorise the location. In the end, Arthur goes to live on the planet Krikkit, where he becomes a more skilful flier and learns bird language.

      Is the answer to life, the universe and everything 37?

      Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. A cosmologist and astrobiologist at the Fesenkov Astrophysical Institute in Almaty, Kazakhstan, Makukov says the numbers reveal that all terrestrial life came from outer space. Not only that, it was planted on Earth by intelligent aliens. Billions of years ago, the planet was barren and lifeless. This signal, he says, is in our genetic code.

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      Highly preserved across cosmological timescales, it has been waiting there, like an encrypted message, for anyone qualified to read it. All of the teeming varieties of life on Earth — from kangaroos and daffodils to albatrosses and us — carry it within them. And now Makukov, along with his mentor, mathematician Vladmir sh Cherbak of the al-Farabi Kazakh National University in Almaty, claims to have cracked it.

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      If they are right, the answer to life, the universe and everything is… The idea that terrestrial life has extraterrestrial origins has a long and sometimes distinguished history. The standard version goes something like this: a primitive alien life form, perhaps a bacterium, somehow hitches a ride through space …. Existing subscribers, please log in with your email address to link your account access.