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Drawing from his own experience as a junior petty officer when he found himself responsible for a team and realized he had never received any training for the job, he sought to improve what in the mids was known as Leadership Management and Education Training LMET. Plackett believed the program was essential to the development of good petty officer leadership skills and pushed to make attendance a prerequisite for advancement to the next pay grade for senior petty officers. We need to do role playing and those kinds of things. In addition to improving LMET training, he was also a proponent of leading by example.

He believed Informal mentorship, combined with formal leadership training would build a stronger enlisted force.

In the Persian Gulf. Plackett also believed a key component of effective leadership was communication up and down the chain of command. Chaired by Mrs. Plackett, the first spouse conference discussed eight specific areas of concern: the impact of limited family housing; the effectiveness of Family Service Centers; spouse perceptions on quality of life issues; the effectiveness of Navy publications; internal information; spouse employment issues; the Family Advocacy Program; and overseas screening.

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While their husbands were studying and forming recommendations on policies impacting the overall quality of Navy life, the spouses put together their own recommendations for improvements. Based on the amount of energy he brought to his work, his determination to seek self-improvement throughout his career, and the fact he made it to the top of the Navy enlisted corps, there is no doubt MCPON Plackett was an extraordinary Sailor in a field of extraordinary Sailors.

Isaac Hull of Connecticut could claim something of a military heritage — both his father and uncle fought in the American Revolution. While his uncle William distinguished himself in the militia, his father Joseph commanded a flotilla of whaleboats on Long Island Sound, harassing the British whenever possible.

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At 20, Hull received his first merchant commission; two years later, in , he was commissioned fourth lieutenant in the U. Navy and assigned to the USS Constitution. He saw action in the Caribbean and the Mediterranean, and sparred with the French navy and Barbary pirates. Not satisfied with forty-four, Hull crammed at least fifty guns on board in One month later, in August, , the Constitution encountered the British Guerriere in the Atlantic.

The broadside weight of this heavy frigate gave the Constitution an advantage over her British counterpart, easily withstanding the British attack and answering with round after round of punishing cannon fire.

Fostering the Discussion on Securing the Seas.

Two more U. Navy could not break the blockade, but early in the war, these sea battles showed the world that Americans knew how to build ships, and how to sail them. In December, Congress voted to fund another ten of these heavy ocean-worthy frigates but none would be ready to fight for years.

In a way, this did not matter. Both sides knew early on that naval dominance of the Great Lakes was the key to victory, since these inland waterways were crucial for supplying any army. A race was on to build lightweight warships for the lakes as quickly as possible. This is where the decisive naval battles would take place. Navy started building a squadron of gunboats and two frigates in the remote town of Erie, on the shores of Lake Erie.

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It was an odd choice, given that there were no access roads, no foundries, rope factories or shipwrights nearby. In fact, the timber resources in North America were one of the several reasons that Britain wished to hold on to the Canadian provinces. Finally, he attempted to ratify a treaty with the Colombian Government that would allow the United States to build an isthmian canal through the province of Panama.

After the outbreak of hostilities with Spain in May , President William McKinley finally secured the annexation of Hawaii by means of joint resolution of Congress. Following the successful conclusion of the Spanish-American War in , the United States gained control of territories that could serve as the coaling stations and naval bases that Mahan had discussed, such as Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippines.

Five years later, the United States obtained a perpetual lease for a naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.