Betrayal (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Book 6)

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His wardrobe definitely more than contributed to making him the intolerable, know-it-all, little tagalong that he was. The crew of the Enterprise, looking for some shore leave, meet the Edo, a people whose childish ebullience translates into a lot of hugging, running, grinning, and rather… public displays of affection.

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Believe it or not, this is one of the least NSFW screenshots out there. My nipples are cold. Troi is a little overwhelmed. On this world, the women hold all social and political power, and the men are smaller in stature and submissive in nature. The Bluetooth-style earring, the asymmetrical deep v-neck, the shiny shiny fabric, the lace-up pants not pictured: the matching shiny codpiece.

Riker, ever the space bro, even refers to finding taller, stronger men attractive as evolutionary progress. One of the major departures for TNG as a series was that this time around the Enterprise had families aboard.

With the adults at least, uniforms provided a decent go-to outfit, but apparently every child in the 24th century is forced to wear some sort of variation on a jumpsuit. Aside from the fact that these outfits look ridiculous is that a crop top overtop of a jumpsuit? Are those spandex overalls!? Do children years from now have iron-clad bladders? Guinan is wonderful. The colours, fabrics, and accessories could change, but it was always the same Guinan we knew and loved. We think not having her carry drinks on her hat was a major missed opportunity.

Where would the show have been if not for Lwaxana Troi? Infinitely less stylish, for starters. Her dresses were always flouncy, sexy, and shiny, and she made every episode she was in brighter. It would be impossible to wrap up this list with anything else but a few more pictures of the lady who stole every scene.

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By Paula M. Block and Terry J. With his Starfleet assignment temporarily on hold, Odo needs a distraction. Book 1.

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