You Are Your Own Gym: The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises

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You won't get a body like his if you just follow his program.

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That's for marketing. However, if you follow his program or other similar ones , you will impr This book was on amazon's recommended item list, when I ordered a pull up bar. However, if you follow his program or other similar ones , you will improve your fitness for sure. It is a routine, not for one-month or whatever length then over. There is a lot of reviews of this books. I try not to repeat things from other reviewers. Instead, I will just express my opinion on one subject from some of the reviews I read.


Some reviews mentioned some of the book's exercises use milk jar, backpack filled with book, etc, so it is not really bodyweight excises. A few of the book's exercises do need some equipment. For most exercises, the use of backpack milk jar etc is to use leverage to increase the difficulty of the exercises, if you need to rank up the difficulty. You start from hands elevated, then flat on the floor, then with feet elevated, then maybe use backpack with feet elevated. Then you may try one arm push-up with hand elevated and so on. It would take a average Joe a long time to reach the need for backpack use, or may be never for some people.

Apr 14, David rated it really liked it Shelves: fitness , strength-training.

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This book presents a comprehensive exercises that require little or no extra equipment. The author is highly qualified, as a trainer for Special Operations soldiers. I understand why he condemns pure aerobic exercises, but I still don't understand why he hates free-weight exercises so intensely. Perhaps because free-weights require extra equipment, so the convenience factor comes into play. In any case, the book describes a very comprehensive set of body-weight exercises. And, in case some of the This book presents a comprehensive exercises that require little or no extra equipment.

And, in case some of the exercises are too easy, the author describes a number of ways to increase their intensity. I like the numerous ways in which the author suggests to vary intensity vs. That approach should be useful, regardless of the form of one's exercise program. Jul 05, James rated it it was amazing.

Great no nonsense advice and workouts for anyone that doesn't like to go to the gym or workout with weights. I am incorporating lots of his exercises into my routines this summer. Jul 10, Vinh Khang Nguyen rated it it was amazing. Please don't go to GYM anymore. Because you are your own gym : Reading this book give me an entire understanding on how my body works. And I have 2 big realizations : 1. When you work out, Cardiovascular workout is very ineffective while Strength training workout is the ultimate. It helps the body to create more muscles, leaner, and stronger in every part of the body, and it lasts the whole lot more time later on after the training.

While Cardiovascular only doesn't have a long-lasting effect on strengthening your body, it only focuses on your heart for a small period of time. So please only do Strength training workout. One of the strength training exercises I have been doing for last 3 months is Tabata, which works very well. Now I feel strong, lean, and more confident Jan 13, Sarah rated it it was amazing. I love this book. As someone new to bodyweight training I loved how he broke the exercises down by muscle group and then gave plenty of variety to choose from. This book is useful for a wide range of fitness levels because he shows you how to make all the exercises easier or harder.

He also explains the basic recipe for increasing or decreasing difficulty. This book empowers you to create your own workouts, at a level that challenges you, wherever you find yourself. You might just cancel your gy I love this book. You might just cancel your gym membership Sep 17, Sudhakar rated it it was amazing. A great step by step book which is easy to read and week wise planner. Starts with common myths in exercising, then diet and nutrition.

Continues with exercises that can e done any where anytime without need for equipment and importantly excuses.. Highly recommended to those care about health without spending on fancy gym membership. Nov 27, Alberto rated it it was ok Shelves: selfimprovement. It's a motivational book which helps you discard excuses to do exercise in your free time at home.

Persistence is the key word of the book.

You are your own gym review - Bodyweight Training Arena

I'm following the workouts in the book and I really notice the difference. Aug 11, Ash Tanasiychuk rated it really liked it. An impressive book packed with exercises that need little or no props. Lauren describes why you should do each exercise and provides modifications whether you're weak in that area or advanced. Well laid out by body section with tons of photos so you can see correct form.

You Are Your Own Gym; The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises

Sep 29, Audrey rated it really liked it. Simple explanations and photos of all of the exercises. I enjoyed learning about his story in the beginning. When he set out to break the underwater record and talked about how he had to keep his body relaxed and not stress because stress took up too much energy. Good thing to always keep in mind. Jul 27, Mark Walker rated it it was amazing.

I will probably use this book the rest of my mobile days. Jan 12, Stephen rated it it was ok. The "progressions" start at a really high level. If you're already really fit, this might fit for you, but if you're like me, and you're not, then this isn't the place to start. Nov 20, Kiran rated it really liked it. A great utility for cardio and strength training exercises. A must have for the on-the-go traveler! Great reference book. Lots of inspiration and variations for exercising. Great Great book like that it focuses on body weight.

Would recommend it to everyone. Getting started next week on it. May 10, Debra Byrd rated it really liked it.

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Not as well organized as his sequel Body By You, but thankfully less bombastic and includes more basic and advanced exercises. Jul 28, Mina MacGabhann rated it liked it Shelves: fitness , nonfiction. Well put together, fairly comprehensive list of body weight exercises that you can do with minimal equipment. Jul 09, Jeremy rated it it was amazing. I work at a prison and I wondered how the inmates were sculpting there bodies so well with no workout equipment.

This book gave me the information I was looking for. Sep 21, Amber Cannell rated it really liked it. I really liked that this was mostly useful bodyweight exercises I can incorporate into my own routine instead of a bunch of biased "science" and weird diet plans. Feb 13, Mila Jawa rated it it was amazing. The perfect program and one of the best trainers out there, enjoying reading every page and every word and now I am enjoying exploring every program and every exercise There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Readers also enjoyed. Self Help. How To. About Mark Lauren. Mark Lauren. Books by Mark Lauren. No trivia or quizzes yet. You already have everything you need, but are you up to the challenge? I want you to understand, unlike many other fitness authors, I do not train movie stars, television celebrities, models, or other personalities whose livelihoods hinge on being fit.

I train those whose lives do. I honed the programs and myriad exercises in this book while preparing hundreds of trainees for the extreme demands of the most elite levels of the United States Special Operations community. I have spent years developing new training principles, and observing the results.

A stellar record led the top command to buy into my system. Now, for the first time, men and women outside SpecOps have the opportunity to reach the pinnacle of fitness, with an amazingly small sacrifice of your time. Clear, concise, and complete, I bring these exercises into your living room, bedroom, hotel room, garage, yard, office, wherever you like. No book like this has existed before. What if I told you that you already have the most advanced fitness machine ever created? Your own body.

You are Your Own Gym The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises

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