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We would meet him in a library. He would accidentally trip one of us. He would apologize, of course. We would join him for lunch, his treat. He would describe his research.

Review: INK AND BONE, by Rachel Caine (The Great Library #1)

We would ask him to join, and he would join because he wanted to explore and research the world first-hand. Jess wasn't anyone special. I felt like he was average. Sure, he was smart. Sure, he was kind. But he wasn't extraordinary like Thomas or Khalila. He was pretty ordinary. I felt like I could be Jess. I felt like anyone could be Jess. Smart but not extremely so.

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He was kind. I didn't mind that. He treated his friends well. And he had a determined spirit that wouldn't back down from a challenge. Sounds like Barney Stinson to me.? Some will love Jess. I didn't. The one thing I liked about Jess was his past. His thieving past. It was interesting, and his family connections got him in and out of trouble during his time as a Postulant. His knowledge from those days changed things. I felt like Jess was sneaky.

Ink And Bone (Great Library #1) - Rachel Caine - - Murdoch books

It made me a little intrigued to see what he would do with his connections. It was boring training stuff. I didn't particularly care for it.

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It wasn't action-y or even drama-y. It was quite dull and boring in my opinion. I know some people will like it if they like knowing how people train in these worlds. But I was bored. Nothing seemed to happen. Nothing too interesting, at least. We were introduced to the world and the characters.

The second half excited me, though. It had action.

Rachel Caine: NYT bestselling author

They were on a mission, risking their lives. How cool is that? These kids endured loss and hardship. They were scarred and broken.

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But they kept going. I felt like their determination was amazing and admirable. It was so fluffy and sweet. It felt like first love. It was slow and tentative. It was as if Jess was reluctant to succumb to his feelings. I saw that there would be a romance the moment Morgan first arrived. Jess practically was panting and howling to the moon like a dog. Admittedly, the fluffiness made me smile.

I didn't adore the romance, but I didn't hate it either. I thought that the romance was unnecessary, though. It wasn't needed. Without it, Jess and Morgan could have had a great friendship instead. Their relationship muddied things and made things worse. Especially on Morgan's end. Perks and Upgrades: The friendships were amazing.

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The bond the Postulants formed with each other was stunning. They went through hardship and loss together. I liked that this book emphasized friendships. They're important. Friends can get you through the worst of times. Like what happened in this book. The group was tight. Competitive but the sort of people to congratulate their enemies on a job well done.

Romance isn't the most important thing. Friends and family exist too. Until we meet again. Librarians control these. The High Garda guard the Libraries. The Scholars are researchers. There are Magnuses in each field of study, including Obscurist, Artifex, and etc. And there's this Archivist dude.

I'm not sure what he does. There wasn't a lot of explanation. Knowledge must survive … but at what cost? Jess Brightwell is trapped in Alexandria, playing a dangerous and double-edged game of trust and betrayal. Scholar Wolfe's life hangs in the balance, while Morgan struggles to survive inside the Iron Tower. Morgan, Thomas, Dario, Glain, and Captain Santi are prisoners aboard a ship bound to take them straight into the hands of the Archivist. And it will only get more dangerous from there ….

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