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Jean Howling Frog June 30, at pm. Redhead July 1, at pm. Like Like. Awesome post!! Yay for Blackout!! Such a great, tense, utterly thrilling read!!! All the exclamation marks!!!! Redhead July 6, at pm. I loved reading that book! Redhead July 3, at pm. Hello, Redhead: I stumbled into your review while surfing the net to find out if Willis has written a new book, and am I glad I did, because both Blackout and All Clear are sitting in an old ebook unread.

Now where did I put that charger. Great review, I agreed with everything you said! Redhead September 4, at pm. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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Five for Friday! In: Connie Willis 11 Comments. That post, and this post has minor plot spoilers for Blackout.

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Like Like Reply. Redhead July 1, at pm you really need to read Doomsday Book! Redhead July 6, at pm you totally should go reread them! Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email required Address never made public. Name required. Tag Cloud action adventure aliens alternate history anthology aritificial intelligence authors blogging books classic conventions dark epic fantasy funny future give away graphic novel guest post historical fiction horror Interview interviews Locke Lamora magic manga mystery mythology new weird politics post apocalyptic read-a-long read along reading religion robots romance science fiction series short stories space opera steampunk supernatural suspense thriller time travel urban fantasy vintage Vintage SciFi YA.

Follow me on Twitter! And i liked it.. I liked the fact that I have to concentrate to follow what is happening and it just helped in giving detailed attention to the writing. The story has not yet sinked in but i remember every small detail mentioned so far.. Deanna - slippage refers to the difference between the time and date they were expecting to appear, and their actual time and date they appear in.

Blackout: Oxford Time Travel Series, Book 1

Im just about done this part But I do kind of like that! I too am learning a bit of history along the way. All in all, it is shaping up to be an interesting book. Carrie , I've been reluctant to spend much time looking up the history because I also just want to enjoy the book without knowing anything that may be coming. I unfortunately made the mistake of looking something up on LibraryThing when I was preparing this post and saw a spoiler -- I'm hoping it's a minor plot point as opposed to a significant twist!

Oh and thanks for explaining slippage! Kathleen , I hope you'll read the book too! I'm afraid there may be more significant spoilers as we go along Anyway, I agree, I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next! And yeah, we didn't get a lot of British history in Canada either. Colin's outburst about Dr. Ishiwaka's theories happens right at the beginning, on page 7. Colin goes on about it because he got a failing grade on his essay. Alpa , as I was writing this post, I realized that in general, I like to read fiction that doesn't require too much concentration, which is not something you get with Connie Willis's time travel books!

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But there's nothing wrong with a more challenging read every now and then. And Willis's books are definitely worth it. Jenners , it's funny, but I feel more positive about this book now that I know I'm not the only one to find it a bit disorienting! I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next! Ishiwaka made an appearance in To Say Nothing of the Dog, too - Dunworthy was looking into his theory because they were able to bring something back through the net, and they never thought that was possible.

It will be interesting to see what happens - if they actually end up having an effect on the past. Carrie , I thought I remembered him! I also wonder how much it will matter that I don't remember Doomsday Book very well. I did figure out that Colin must have made an appearance in that book, though I don't remember anything about it!

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Yes, Colin and Mr. Dunworhty went back to the Dark Ages to rescue Kivrin at the end of Doomsday book - Colin was the nephew of the main doctor in that book, though she didn't survive the outbreak in the future. I'm following along with the read-along, but it's a reread for me I read Blackout when it first came out, not knowing that the second half of the book hadn't been published yet! I agree that so far pretty much everything seems like setup. I'm also woefully ignorant of history, particularly when America isn't directly involved.

Sad but true. I'm looking forward to following along with everyone else's thoughts on this book! Thanks for your comments. I don't read much fantasy or sci-fi any more, but this book caught my attention, both for the period and the theme: time travel. I put it down three time before I finally got through it. In a nutshell, all the main characters are the same, second guessing every nuance of their situations ad nauseam and fairly dim bulbs to the one, which is surprising for historians we assume must have their PHDs - or at least be doctoral candidates.

This one dimensionalness is not helped by the slow pace, mundane plot lines and dullish repetition. The story could well have been about three not-so-bright eight year olds lost at the mall and not lost anything. The worst part of the book is the "to be continued" ending. You drag yourself through the second half of the book, and as you enter the last 20 or 30 pages, you can't imagine how the story can be brought to a close at the rate the plot is developing. And it isn't. It practically ends mid-sentence.