Conversion Tables of Units in Science & Engineering

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Change the spelling in the text of 'centimeters per second'. Set the already existing unit of kilowatt hour as the default 'From' unit.

Civil Engineering Unit Conversion

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Was this information helpful? Thus, though periods of time can be expressed in kiloseconds or megaseconds, we are allowed to use minutes, hours and days. The term 'liter' US or 'litre' European is understood to be the same as 1 x 10 -3 m 3 , and the term tonne not ton is understood to be the same as kg.

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The bar is a unit of pressure meaning kPa, which is very close to the chemists' standard atmosphere which is The Celsius scale of temperature is understood to be the number of kelvin above Thus we are allowed to write "the chemical reactor has a throughput of 4. However, it may be necessary to change to base or derived units in order to carry out calculations.

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This was the first metric system and may be found old publications before There is no reason why a chemical engineer should work in it today, but you may have to convert data from old books. The base units of length and mass were the centimeter and gram. The unit of force was a dyne ; the unit of energy was an erg. The viscosity units poise especially centipoise, cP and stokes especially centistokes cSt are a hangover from this system and may be found in relatively recent publications.

You should convert them to SI.

Free Engineering Unit Conversion Calculator

Note that chemists often work with grams and cubic centimeters, but these are part of SI. Just because you work with cm, g, and s, does not mean you are using the cgs system. See w:cgs if you really want to know. This system was established with the authority of the British Empire. It is known in Britain as the Imperial system, in America as the British sometimes English system, and in much of the world as the American system, since the USA is the only major market for chemical engineering which uses it. The engineering version uses a subset of this traditional or customary measure plus the pound force and the ampere.

Its peculiarity lies in the relationship between force and mass. According to Isaac Newton for a fixed mass accelerating under the influence of a force:. In the SI system a force of 1 newton acting on a mass of 1 kilogram produces an acceleration of 1 meter per second. In the Imperial system a force of 1 pound-force acting on a mass of 1 pound produces an acceleration of 32 feet per second.

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This is because this is the natural acceleration under gravity. Older American books often include a g in the formula which do not appear in European versions of the same equation. The g represents the relationship between force and mass in the unit system which is 1 in SI : here it is For a while, American mainly engineers used a version of the metric system including the kilogram-force and thus g , which had the value 9. Physicists call these both gravitational systems. The common units are based on traditional measures which were practical in agriculture and shipping, and do not go in steps of 10, , etc.

Instead of using prefixes you use names for larger units, and can use combinations of units for the same dimension, e. The foot can also be denoted by a single mark and the inch by a double mark, e. Absolute zero is For thermodynamic temperatures, the number of degrees Fahrenheit above absolute zero is the Rankine scale. Thus the melting point of ice is A common derived unit is the pound -force per square inch, or psi. Note that psig or psi g means psi above atmospheric pressure.

Power is horsepower, hp.

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The "parts-per" notation is a unit that deals with very small traces of species within a mixture of gases or liquids. Parts-per million ppm and parts-per billion ppb , as well as parts-per trillion ppt American definition of trillion 10 12 , refer to mass or mole ratios and communicate how many parts of the species are present-per million, billion, or trillion parts of the mixture. Generally mass ratios are used when dealing with liquids and mole ratios are used when dealing with gases, though either kind of ratio can be used for whichever phase a chemical is in ratios are discussed in a later chapter.

This means that, if one assumes that a molar basis is being used, for every million moles of air there are 20 moles of Helium. If the example was in terms of ppb , this would mean that for every billion moles of air there are 20 moles of Helium.

Conversion Tables of Units in Science & Engineering

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