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While most incidents are uneventful, the US and Chinese navies had a close call in late September, when a Chinese warship challenged a US Navy destroyer, forcing it off course through aggressive maneuvers that US officials called dangerous and unprofessional. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options. Search icon A magnifying glass.

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Naval Exercises Naval Technology. Chinese Cruiser or Destroyer? Translation from Eastpendulum's article Seven and a half years after the start of the project, the first Chinese destroyer displacing more than 12, tons at full load was launched, yesterday June 28th at the Jiangnan Changxing Shipyard in Shanghai. Until we see this new class of Chinese destroyer sailing the seven seas, let us review what we already know about it. The first Type during the launch ceremony. Type , an almost invisible revolution Institutional communication bodies have been both low profile and open about the launch of the first Type , an event which made millions of enthusiasts rejoiced in China: Low profile as usual on the specifications and the overall performance of the ship, but relatively reactive and open for having published official images of the ceremony just two hours after it took place.

Russian warship avoids collision with U.S. cruiser in East China Sea: defense ministry

What can be drawn from the official press release published by the Chinese Army Journal at first, is two sentences that summarize very well what represents this largest destroyer ever built in China for the development of the PLAN. This "crusade" for technological independence is not recent, however. It dates back to the founding of Communist China, nearly 70 years ago. Few are the projects that receive this mention in the institutional communication. It was the case for Type Indeed, this is the first time that the word "symbolic" is used by the Chinese military to qualify a class of vessel.

But in what way is the Type so "symbolic" for the Chinese Navy, while physically, it is just another large destroyer like the others, with a stealthy shape, some phased array radars and one hundred or so vertical launch silos? The first Type and its crew. According to a retired technical officer of the Chinese Navy, this project which was started on 20 December is the first in the industry to apply a new top-down design process.

Unlike the former vertical design framework - that is, each business unit independently carries out its development part and the general integration takes place only at the end, leading to interface issues showing up also very late - the Chinese Navy and the industry have agreed on a new way of carrying out the projects, where integration is placed at the heart of the concerns from the beginning of the project, and the precise specifications go into the smallest details down to the individual equipment level.

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The aim is to break down the "partitions" between all the stakeholders, reduce the number of subsystems, eliminate over-redundancies linked to the segmentations of organizations, and thus increase the volume utilization The gain in this new design process is immediate - the displacement of the Type is optimized: From more than 20, tonnes initially proposed by manufacturers, actual displacement of the class is only 12, tonnes at project launch.

The unit cost per ship, including tests and armaments, is reduced by one third to 6 billion yuan million euros , compared with 9 billion yuan 1. Snce design goes hand in hand with production, significant upstream changes inevitably involve downstream modifications.

China New 055 Class, Is She Destroyer or Cruiser?

As a consequence, Type are being built with large pre-equipped block: The ship is separated into three large blocks of less than 8, tons, and the modules that make up these blocks are already pre-equipped with equipment pre-installed, wires, cables and pipping already connected Here are some photos taken by ship spotters in Shanghai that show us the different stages of construction of the first Type , as well as the incredibly fast pace of its construction:.

April , the central section takes shape. May , two central sections are assembled.

First China-made polar cruise ship on sea trial

June , a third central section is added. The block of the bow, in September The prow taking shape in October The hull assembly is completed in November First superstructure module shows up in February March , the superstructure takes shape. April , installation of the integrated mast. June , the main gun is fitted. On 26 June , the vessel is fully painted. Type ready for launch.

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All pics via HSH. According to the same source close to the Chinese navy, the electromagnetic frequency management of the ship is highly integrated, "a level much higher than Type D".

A US Navy cruiser just challenged China in the South China Sea - Business Insider

The number of new sensors, which now support a wider spectrum of frequencies, is significantly reduced and most of the functions are provided by software and not by hardware, making future upgrades easier and cheaper. There is also an integrated main mast with several openings for radars and sensors, in addition to the new Type B name to be confirmed S-band planar array radar.

Detailed view of the integrated mast aboard Type