Adapting Institutions: Governance, Complexity and Social-Ecological Resilience

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She is also a research associate and a leader of the adaptive governance theme at the Stockholm Resilience Centre and an associate of the Smith School of Enterprise and Environment, Oxford University. The work of his research group in Stockholm emphasises the role that living systems at different scales play in social and economic development and how to govern and manage for resilience in integrated social-ecological systems.

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Emily Boyd , Carl Folke. Global environmental change is occurring at a rate faster than humans have ever experienced. Associated Program:. Collaborative Site:. Group Collaboration. Email List:. Email List Archives:. List Archive. The Columbia River Treaty and the dynamics of transboundary water negotiations in a changing environment: How might climate change alter the game? The role of law in adaptive governance Mar 16, Article published in Ecology and Society. Legal and institutional foundations of adaptive environmental governance Mar 16, Article published in Ecology and Society.

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Social-ecological System Resilience, Climate Change, & Adaptive Water Governance

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Ecology and Society 14, no.

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Education for sustainable development, participation and socio-cultural change. Environmental Education Research 16, no. Exploring adaptability through learning layers and learning loops.

Adapting Institutions: Governance, Complexity and Social-Ecological Resilience - Google книги

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Resilience in social-ecological systems: Models and field studies

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