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Everyone wants to swim in "Lake Larry. But Apple's insane, bad-ass spaceship campus will rule them all. It sits on real estate made extremely valuable mostly by, well, by proximity to Apple. The ugly stuff the major road connecting the main building with a nearby boulevard, plus some parking, functional buildings and utilitarian functions like heating, cooling, power, etc.

The main event is the pristine doughnut of a building that, according to Steve Jobs, doesn't have a single pane of flat glass.

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It's all curved. Apple built a factory in Germany to make that glass. And the main building is surrounded by trees and grass and local habitat. The most underappreciated feature of the new campus is an underground theater where Apple will announce new products.

Apple: A Global History (Edible)

Because it will be under company control, Apple will be able to invite journalists on a few days notice, and will be able to prevent the inevitable product leaks that come from spy shots of San Francisco's Moscone Center. The new Apple spaceship campus will be awesome.

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Here comes the video. Apple's iOS and Google's Android dominate the smartphone market partly because they've attracted the world's mobile app developers. Now Apple is partnering with Pinterest to re-invent app discovery with a new Pinterest feature called App Pins. The feature enables Pinterest users to pin apps to their boards like any other content, but with apps downloadable directly from Pinterest.

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These companies are starting to clobber foreign competitors in China. Samsung, which used to dominate the Chinese market, is getting hammered by home-grown upstarts. Except Apple. Canalys says Apple is now the number-one smartphone maker in China. Note that this is a controversial conclusion; some market research firms think Apple is number two in China.

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Companies from Google to Pebble to Samsung to Sony have been trying to mainstream smartwatches without success. Nearly all analysts are predicting that Apple will surpass this number in the first few days or weeks of the Apple Watch's release. The problem Apple has solved is that Apple understands that a wearable has to be plugged into your nervous system and be made part of your physical body. Apple's doing this with a combination of touch, haptics, sound and visual elements.

While Japan, Scandinavia and Kenya have been plowing forward for years on mobile payments, backwater America has been trapped in an old-and-busted credit card hell. We've heard the predictions and promises.

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For years, companies like Google and others have failed to capture the public imagination with a viable mobile payments system that real people would actually use. Then along comes Apple with Apple Pay, and it appears to be winning in the U. That personal and phenomenological angle, along with the book's giant scope, makes it a strong addition to the field, an example of successfully going macro without getting muddled. Customer Reviews See All.

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