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Second-hand Grading. Instruction Manuals. Grays Merchandise. Gift Certificates. Ordering Information. Currency Converter. Hawkesmill Bags. An Introduction. Grays of Westminster Film. In The Movies. Grays of Westminster Gazette. Tour the Shop. Why marry lens and sensor forever together, and why mix compact sensors with APS-C?

Is this system simpler, more effective and more desirable than an APS-C body with an interchangeable-lens system? On page 45, Richard Sibley tests a camera system that is well made and produces excellent quality images, but it is on the unique practicalities of the GXRs modular characteristics that the system will succeed or fail. While the measurement of image quality is generally a factual affair, the merits of a systems handling are decided in the heart.

Angela Nicholson explains the technology and investigates which is the best option. Richard Sibley explains the new system. Another selection of superb reader images Damien Demolder examines your images, offering words of wisdom and constructive advice. Send us your picturesTo have your pictures published in Gallery, send in a selection of up to ten images.

They can be either a selection of different images or all have the same theme. Visit www. We cannot publish images without the necessary technical details. Each RGB image should be a minimum of pixels along its longest length. Transparencies and prints are also accepted. We recommend that transparencies are sent without glass mounts and posted via Special Delivery.

For transparencies, prints or discs to be returned you must include an SAE with sufcient postage. Do you have a story?

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No amount of training and careful planning can prevent the sheer bad luck of being caught in a roadside bomb in pursuit of great and powerful journalism from the front linePhotographer injured in Afghanistan, page 6. In an interview with AP Editor Damien Demolder, King repeated that the company was focusing its efforts on developing the NX system and that he could not state that the GX series would not be revisited in the future. However, it is clear as former vice-president of Samsung Techwin Byung Woo Lee said when he rst broke the news of the NX system to AP in that Samsung has moved into this new category as it realises there is no chance Samsung Electric had on show at CES, the idea of an optical viewnder seems rather oldfashioned and inexible.

We also learnt that Samsung is planning to incorporate part of its camera line-up into the list of products supported by its new Apps Store. Camera applications could include in-camera technique tips and automated postcapture manipulations. The PhotoBook range is handmade in a choice of two styles - with or without a cutout.

All Double-sided papers supplied with the PhotoBook produce excellent image definition, clarity and tonality with a high colour gamut. The PhotoBook is a fantastic way to present those special pictures that you have always treasured.

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Add personal information or identification details. Developing a range of the very highest quality fine art papers requires the implementation of the most advanced coating technology. PermaJet have taken that technology one step further by applying these advanced coatings to a range of various acid-free, textured bases.

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The use of these superb textured papers means that you can now bring your images to life and add a sense of depth and clarity which cannot always be expressed by smoother papers. The varying nature of the textures gives these art papers a very high level of scuff-resistance on the surface whilst delivering remarkable image density and colour definition throughout.

There is no doubt that you will find choosing a textured surface fine art paper so much easier as you know that only the very highest quality cotton and natural fibres have been used to manufacture this range. Couple these papers with our FREE custom profiling service and you will enjoy a level of reassuring consistency throughout your image making process and meet the highest digital inkjet standards and demands of today.

They appreciate the subtle texture and feel, we like it for its consistency. Giclee UK Ltd. Following an eighteen month period of thorough market research, customer feedback and product development, PermaJet have refined their Smooth and Textured Fine Art papers to ensure they meet your current and future printing needs. The new range comprises five enhanced products, which join some of the classic best-selling media in the world. Utilizing new coating technology processes and enhanced base materials, PermaJet have created a range of products that will deliver images of the highest quality.

The superior coating, combined with modern ink technology ensures you get some of the highest D-Max ratings in the world today.

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These iconic Fine Art papers have now evolved into a show stopping collection which is all available in advanced 15 metre length rolls and all sheet formats. PermaJet have managed to widen the range they offer the customer whilst reducing the confusion and making a much clearer division between the products they offer. Find details online: www.

The NEW Museum Heritage has been developed in co-operation with high quality image reproduction labs to ensure it delivers the maximum structure where ink can reside and be retained making it the toughest art surface the world has seen to date. This is a gsm natural white art paper with a pH neutral base that is delicately textured. Produced from a mix of cotton and Alpha Cellulose which give a soft feel while retaining the rigidity the art printing and framing makers demand. Museum Heritage benefits from a wide gamut volume with low colour error, and promises to become an iconic addition to the range.

Museum Heritage has a wonderfully subtle texture ideal for galleries and photographers who intend to create fine art prints with a high degree of detail. The enhanced coating increases image depth and tonal scale, making it a perfect material for both colour and Monochrome reproductions.

The latest inkjet technology addresses ink transfer issues in previous versions to provide superior ink retention and full archival stability. This incredible addition to the textured fine art range provides one of the most interesting textures available whilst allowing the most detailed image reproduction possible.

The heavy weight, alpha cellulose gsm base is reminiscent of a modern day etchings paper exhibiting a consistent and undulating matt coated surface. This is the ideal paper for those wanting to reproduce artworks with a rigidity, texture and feel of the most loved textured fine art materials available. The NEW Artist Watercolour gsm textured art paper has a sumptuous off-white base tone made from alpha cellulose.

The mould-made base material with a highly defined rough surface that delivers incredible fine art prints. It has a very high colour gamut volume and a D-Max of 1. The specialist range offers the photographer, graphic. Sheet sizes range from A4 through to A2. The surfaces vary and are unique in look, feel and texture and have been manufactured using the most advanced and traditional processes.

All the double-sided range of papers are compatible with both dye and pigment based inks, providing beautiful, neutral colours and outstanding image sharpness that is suitable for all your double-sided applications. I have tried most of the PermaJet range and one of my own personal favourite papers has to be the Double-Sided Oyster which suits my images perfectly. The saturation and colour vibrancy seems to make my photographs jump off the page. A new heavier weight purposely improved for card making. An ultra white improved, smooth matt surfaced paper with ultra image sharpness.

At gsm the extra weight gives this paper a sumptuous feel and appearance. The exceptionally low metamerism in this paper gives it high credentials for the monochrome specialists. Double-Sided Oyster complements the single sided version by bringing one of our most successful papers into the double sided market. This product is packaged in our current Oyster box with a Double-Sided Oyster label. This instant dry, microporous, resin coated paper has a high degree of water and fade resistance. Compatible with Dye and Pigment inks. An ideal product for use in portfolios, low volume books.

If you are a photographer, graphic designer or student wanting to work with a true white base material that allows you to create portfolios, calendars, graphical presentations, cards and books with well saturated and smooth colours. It produces high contrast and detailed shadow areas, an excellent choice for the professional printer. The soft texture of the natural white matt base can replicate the kind of quality you expect from a printed book. High detail can be captured as well as exhibiting a high colour vibrancy on this gsm paper. The need for a true cotton rag media with excellent archival qualities means this product is the perfect material for applications being regularly exposed to handling and viewing.

A Fine Art paper that is perfect for the more discerning printer looking to making albums or books. Printing with inkjet canvas to produce exquisite works of art is now as easy as using standard papers. All the canvases are compatible with both dye and pigment based inks, providing outstanding colour intensity and image sharpness. The whole board arrives flat-packed, ready for quick assembly and effortless display.

The special ink receiving coating is water resistant, making it suitable for printing watercolours, paintings, wildlife or simple artistic impressions. The real canvas structure base has been manufactured with random and uneven cotton fabric content, perfect for printers looking for a non-consistent canvas finish with a natural appearance. Exceptional with dye and pigment inks. An ideal canvas for stretching around bars, enabling the creation of a traditional or contemporary boxed frame.

Previously known as Artistic Canvas. A material that allows you to create and emulate a painting or artistic image in a digital format, the uneven heavyweight textured base is visible and flexible non-cracking allowing the canvas to be perfectly stretched for boxed framing. A subtle gsm textured natural white matt canvas-like structure, suited to the digital photographer.

Previously known as Photo Matt Canvas.

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Anyone wanting to create outstanding reproductions on a broad textured matt canvas surface suited to high quality photo printing. Including this in your media selection will enable you to produce perfectly neutral and balanced matt photographic prints ready for stretching.

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For a brightened media the skin tone accuracy is notably good. The metamerism is particularly low, a bonus for the monochrome specialist. A good set of data all round, a nice new media with especially bright characteristics and a varnish that matches anything we have tested to date — buy it and try it! Previously known as Photo Semi-Gloss Canvas. A smooth, heavyweight product with a beautifully structured base which has been proven as being the most brilliant white in the marketplace to date.

Carefully designed to facilitate the reproduction of fine art work where image sharpness detail is crucial and excellent colour brilliance and image depth is a necessity. This canvas grade is now Latex ink compatible. We would strongly recommend using one of the PermaPROtect range of varnishes to increase image density and archival resistance - you will be truly amazed by the stunning results.

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The perfect canvas for the professional photo studio lab, fine art printer or museum needing an inkjet media with a real difference - able to out-perform any other canvas on the market. Suitable for all types of printers, whether they be large format or desktop and using either aqueous pigment or dye based inks. If you are looking for an ultra bright white based media with true canvas structure to create fine art reproductions, paintings or murals in a digital format, this fine textured matt canvas is perfect for your application.

The non-cracking base will enable the canvas to flex perfectly around stretcher bars, creating a modern or contemporary boxed frame with a twist. Always varnish your canvases with the PermaPROtect range of varnishes to enhance your artwork but more importantly protect them from UV pollutants and yellowing. This certification sets PermaJet inkjet papers apart as leaders in art quality production. PermaJet are pleased to introduce a range of professional fast drying canvas protective varnishes, available in Gloss, Satin and Matt finish. All canvas users are strongly advised to protect their final digital canvas prints with one of the fantastic PermaPROtect canvas varnishes, essential for preserving from dirt, UV ink fading, airborne pollutants, abrasion as well as fingerprints.

Specially formulated to increase the lightfastness of all your digital canvas prints adding saturation, improving colour gamut and increasing the density of the blacks. Can also be used with fine art inkjet papers giving a greater degree of water and fade resistance. Always do a test first.

PermaJet are proud to announce that the PermaPROtect varnishes have been independently tested and approved by a well known laboratory in the UK and established that the varnishes will not discolour or change over 85 years. Certifications of these tests can be viewed by visiting our website. The varnishes have additionally been designed to protect from canvas edge cracking and any other environmental pollutants. Those standards remain exactly the same for digital prints within the ArtSureTM scheme. No dulling or degradation!

Amateur Photographer 2010-09-04

Overall we liked the varnishes a lot, very simple to use and it left us with a very pleasing finished print an attribute we understand many others have also commented favourably on. The water-base made for very easy cleaning of the rollers afterwards and no unpleasant smells. Profile size: 38mm deep x 35mm wide. Value pack of 30 pieces designed to offer a level of professional appearance to your finished canvas.

The gallery style format is most practical for fine art and photographic applications in larger volume. Made from highest quality pine, every box includes the necessary corner wedges to ensure correct tensioning. Inkjet printing has evolved over the years and printing onto canvases has become more popular than ever before. Premium Stretcher Bars - Packed as pairs Profile size: 44mm deep x 44mm wide. These largest profile bars provide the necessary strength and appearance for any type of canvas work where Museum style reproductions are required or simply for very large work in smaller volumes.

Further materials can be purchased to make more canvases as required. Economy-Pro Stretcher Bars - 40 pieces Profile size: 18mm deep x 40mm wide with smooth rounded edges to protect the canvas and print. The bars do not require any glueing for assembly and have been manufactured to absorb as little moisture content as possible whilst tensioning the corners with the aid of the FREE wedges supplied, allowing the frame to self adjust.

All bars are finger jointed to avoid warp or twist. However, because PermaJet prides itself on its customer service wanting to ensure that the consumer should get exactly the right media, a choice of inkjet Test Packs have been made available to cover the complete range. If your need is for Digital Photo, this is a 30 sheet A4 multipack containing some of the most popular that PermaJet has to offer.

Perfectly suited to photographers who want to vary image appearance. Every box contains 2 exclusive loading sheets and includes:. If your need is for photos with that Darkroom feel, here is a 15 sheet A4 multipack containing some of the most popular that PermaJet has to offer. The FB Baryta Multipack includes:. The Fine Art Multipack includes:. World Class Technology These are the three combining factors that result in any dye based ink system becoming unstable in a short period of time.

All major manufacturers recognise the inherent benefits of using pigment over dye based inks for the long term professional imaging market. It is the combination of these inks and our awardwinning, enhanced paper coatings that ensure your images will be colour stable for more than years in typical lighting conditions. PermaJet continues to develop projects with international partners, combining photographic knowledge with specialist ink science and paper coating technology.

They also continue to expand the range of pH neutral Acid Free cotton rag and alpha-cellulose materials that have a heavier than normal base weight and thickness. This ink technology, though not needed today gave its users the ability to produce high quality monochrome images and gave the company the knowledge to compliment their engineering skills to pioneer the launch of the very first Ink-Flow System in They have published the certificates on our website: www.

This coating technology has rapidly expanded to meet the growing and demanding needs to both photo and digital imaging specialists. Our Fine Art products are produced using high grade natural cottons and bleached wood pulp processes. They are free of lignin and acid and are buffered using calcium carbonate to absorb airborne impurities. All materials are treated before being coated with our own proprietary formulated coating. We work very closely with four main paper mills based in the UK, Europe and the far east to produce the finest base stock from which our media is produced.

We take great care to ensure our papers require wood suppliers have adopted an policy of replacing trees to natural forests. Our continued growth in producing fine art materials for archival image making uses premium quality, natural cotton which further minimises the impact on our environment. PermaJet were the first company to design and launch an ink flow system in the UK back in The print head is guaranteed a steady and sufficient ink flow whilst providing unbeatable ink cost economy as well as maintaining high quality printing output.

These serve two key functions, not available on any other CIS system, by clamping off the tube and removing the bottle cap, inks can be topped up without any introduction of air into the system. However, when taking out extended warranty policies, always check the small print! Unlike other CIS systems, the Eco-Flo can be left unused for prolonged periods of time by clamping off all of the colours; this stops the natural gravity retraction of the inks to the bottles and in turn prevents absolutely any possibility of air being drawn up into the print head and causing a need for excessive head cleaning and ink wastage.

This is in addition to the free advice and helpline always available to any PermaJet Eco-Flo owner. Full details of these test certificates are available for viewing on the website. All Eco-Flo systems come complete with everything that you need, including a full set of inks. Join our Eco-Flo YouTube channel for support on everything from installation to finishing touches. PermaJet are the only paper and ink manufacturer to have their pigment based inks independently tested by an approved laboratory in the UK.

Please visit our website to view these test reports or alternatively call the team to have these e-mailed to you directly. Incorporating the most efficient resetting procedure ever - simply lift the cartridge and re-insert! After a selfinstallation time of just 15 minutes to fit to your own printer, you can quickly gain all the advantages and economy of our bottle type feed system. The Eco-Flo system offers medium to higher volume users an advantage over refillable cartridge sets in that the attention and repetitive frequency of manual refilling individual cartridges is totally eliminated.

The Eco-Flo CIS system has specially designed moulded cartridges which simply slot into your printer and stay in place permanently. Replenishing your ink is done at the bottle end of the external tubing using our unique tube clamps avoiding air introduction and unnecessary wear and tear on microchips and cartridge seals. Our new PRC refillable cartridge sets are easily refilled as required by utilising the injection syringe set supplied. Fitted with our instantaneous reset microchips, each cartridge is recognised by the printer as full instantly using the new lift and insert procedure.

A massive A full 2 year product support and warranty on all the kit components. Printer is NOT included with this kit! The PermaJet R Eco-Flo ink bottle system is unlike other cheaply manufactured far eastern systems on the market today that require injection needles to fill the cartridges on a very frequent basis as well as awkward ink level resetting procedures. Our tests concluded that these cheaper systems use microchips with small battery cells with very limited life, so when flat, they leave the user with no alternative other than to purchase a complete set of new refillable cartridges!

Couple this with the annoying air pockets introduced when refilling means that the PermaJet EcoFlo bottle system offers an appealing consistency and reliability.