Regional Climate Variability and its Impacts in The Mediterranean Area

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The initiating event will have two sections: A brief summary of the current state of knowledge on climate change, its impacts and associated risks, across all subregions and all major sectors of the Mediterranean region An open discussion about the need, and possible structure of MedECC We want to take the opportunity that numerous scientists working on climatic change in the Mediterranean are present to start a discussion on the opportunity of such network and the way to organise it. The key points are the mode of functioning, the structure of the group, the funding, the mode of relations with policy makers.

Planned near term activities During the meeting, a list of addresses was collected from interested scientists. This list will be consolidated and used as a primary means of electronic communication. The report will be finalised by the conveners and then distributed to all interested parties asking them to provide some basic information about their scientific background and about their interest to contribute to a Mediterranean environmental assessment.

Members will also be asked to invite other experts to join, aiming at establishing a list of partners that cover all relevant scientific domains and also all subregions of the Mediterranean region. At a later stage, the community will have to decide about a governance structure including a multidisciplinary and multinational steering committee, and consider more formalized aspects of cooperation. Between approximately 4. This is not in contrast with a trend towards increased flooding in central Tunisia in this period correlated with a colder period in the North Atlantic Fig.

The analyses of many records show that between 4. In many records, it appears evident that an important change in the hydrological regime occurred, with more arid conditions, but locally this evidence is confounded. Cooling can be inferred from different records, but this is not a common feature. Despite contradictions, which is not questioning the evidence of this event, there is the possibility that it is regionally articulated as having a locally different climatic expression.

This expression would be also related to different seasonal conditions. From the selected data, the possibility emerges that this event is in reality marked by some oscillations which cannot be resolved in an unequivocal way on the basis of available records. However, regional coverage is still low, even if our record selection is incomplete.

The emerging patterns need to be confirmed by future research, but well-positioned and well-resolved new records can also change our view. By comparing the distribution of the selected records with one of the most important climatic modes like NAO, which impact Mediterranean climate, in particular in winter, we did not find complete and satisfying matches. We can agree that different working hypotheses investigating the role of potential climatic teleconnections can be inferred from single records or regionally well-constrained groups of records, but none seem convincing today.

However, this review indicates that many pieces of this complex puzzle are still lacking. Most urgently, new records at a higher resolution with a firm chronological basis are required. The paper is a review and all the data have been collected from previous publications either on an open database or by requesting data directly from the authors. In only one case have data been digitized. MB and GZ organized and wrote most of the manuscript. All the co-authors participated in sharing the data and contributed to the scientific discussion. Edited by: Harvey Weiss Reviewed by: three anonymous referees.

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Regional Assessment of Climate Change in the Mediterranean

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